Allegiant (spoilers)

Hints of spoilers below

Allegiant is just honestly the best x the ending is too sad though, like really. Plus the epilogue is like, what 2 years later? And not much happens in it, nothing we couldn’t predict already 😁 plus the book shows Zeke and Hana having no emotion hardly over Uriah, like seriously, they are not even angry at Tobias 😳


Saw divergent today… Not bad but the cheesy music made me wanna throw up. Shai and they looked gorgeous together but they kissed once and when they did it was massive but no contact before that which made me surprised when they did. No relationship with al or will so when they died it didn’t mean anything to me and they cut out so much… I was like…. Urgh. Reading tfios at the moment, Gus is so cheesy…. But cute x